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МЕГА-амурский сайтик снова в  работе!

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Новое радио в Благовещенске

Это радиостанции для тех, кто любит слушать спокойную или ритмичную музыку. Здесь предоставляется выбор - по жанрам.


По всем вопросам обращайтесь в контакты.

Буду рад какой либо помощи или советам.

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Мы открылись!

Теперь сайт находится в рабочем режиме. Новые работы, новости, статьи и темы форума будут появлятся как грибы после дождя. Кто хочет принять активное участие в разработке этого электронного манускрипта, прошу зайти в раздел контакты и обратиться ко мне, Высочину Дмитрию (главный разработчик),  Можно найти меня в здании Smile . Я рассматрю все варианты взаимодействия и кооперации.

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С наступающи Новым Годом!

Поздравляю всех с наступающим новым годом и желаю Вам увидеть от Деда Мороза побольше всяких новых девайсов. Предлагаю глянуть серию футурамы про санту. Уж очень задели там сабаки на 5-ой минуте - просто со смеху можно умереть. Laughing 


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В Благовещенске задирают цены на интернет

Самый дорогой Интернет по стране – в Благовещенске. За безлимитный доступ на скорости 20 Мбит/с наши провайдеры предлагают 1250 рублей в месяц. Для сравнения - в Иркутске за такую же услугу возьмут 500 рублей. Удержанию высоких цен во многом способствуют удаленность региона и слабая конкуренция между провайдерами. Более детально о всех наших провайдерах можно посмотреть ЗДЕСЬ.


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Активные обсуждения форума

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself when Buying a Cot

Your newborn baby could be spending up to 18 hours a day asleep so the right slumber space is vital. Here’s our guide to picking the perfect cot or cot bed.

Where your child sleeps is frequently the focal point of the nursery so there’s a tremendous choice available to suit all fashions from curvy sleighs to modern space savers. OK thus let’s narrow down the choices with three questions that are simple:

1. How much space have you got?

It’s advocated that baby sleeps in precisely the same room as you for the first six months or so but not all rooms are big enough to accommodate a cot or cot bed, by which case consider a Moses basket and stand (fit to 3 or 4 months) or a crib (suitable to six months).

If you decide to go directly for a cot, here’s the demand-to-understand: first thing is that there’s no such thing as a standard size cot, they do change. Cots are usually acceptable from birth. Short on space? At 90x54cm Baby Weavers Compact is best value cot and our smallest and will last until infant is about a year old. Baby Weavers Anna, the traditionalist’s choice, has a mattress size of 122x61cm and will last to approx 18 months to two years.

Thinking cot bed thoughts? It’s definitely the better value alternative – and the popular – as it’ll last from birth to approx four years. It’s additionally the right opening-bridger between cot and My First Large Bed (exciting times!) Cot beds commonly have internal measurements of 140x70cm with sides that ends that dismantle to convert to some toddler bed and come off.

Our bestselling cot beds? For prominent VFM it needs to be the Somerset. Kiddicare Sleigh is a really good looking choice accessible three finishes or if it’s quality craftsmanship with built in storage you’re after go for the Woodhouse.

2. Any extra features to consider?

Really there are! Here are the favourite attributes to have on your radar when you’re browsing:

Drop side: one side of the cot or cot bed lowers to allow simple accessibility. Some drop sides are one-handed in order to hold infant while raising or lowering the side with one hand.

Fixed sides: some parents would rather not have sides that lift and lower.

Height adjustmentthe majority of cots come with two-three mattress base locations

use the highest (and simplest reach) standing until baby can roll over (generally after a couple of months)
use the second spot until baby can pull up to standing (normally at about a year)
use the third place until infant turns adventurer and can begin to climb out (approx. 18m)

Teething rails: clear non-toxic plastic covering for little one to chomp away on to protect small gums (and the cot!) once teeth begin appearing.

When little one outgrows the Boori Urbane Sleigh cot bed: conversion to day bed /toddler bed it converts to your sofa. Intelligent!

Under drawer storage: there’s no such thing as an excessive amount of storage. The East Coast Langham Sleigh - http://www.traveldescribe.com/?s=Langham%20Sleigh cot bed has a built in total width drawer on castors.

Cots that grow with your youngster: the Stokke Mini cot starts out little (only 67cm wide) and has a conversion kit to the Sleepi (for up to three years).

Package deals: cot beds and all Kiddicare cots can be bought on their own; with mattress or with mattress and bedclothes.

3. How do I make sure my child is not dangerous?

Some straightforward common sense safeguards will ensure both infant and you rest easy:

The gap between mattress and cot should be no larger than 3cm
Infants should sleep in the feet to foot position, ie feet at the base of the cot
Infants should be put to sleep on their backs
A temperature of 18°C is optimum: not too hot, not too cold
Select a place for infant’s cot well from any blinds or twines and the radiator or window
Keep baby monitor twines nicely from baby’s reach
Make sure the cot is inflexible when it’s frequently tighten the fittings and assembled with no wobbles
As it's a sloping side don’t use a cot top changer on a sleigh bed,
If you’re using a bumper please ensure it tucked between slats and mattress with the bottom border touching the cot foundation and ’s securely fastened to the slats
Please don’t use a second hand mattress
Use bedding that is lightweight in layers that’s not difficult to add or remove to regulate baby’s temperature
Recall infant shouldn’t sleep on

Should you have any concerns regarding where and the way to employ mothercare promo code feb 2014 - firsttrustalarm.com - http://www.firsttrustalarm.com/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=mummys... -, you'll be able to e-mail us at the webpage.

The Ultimate Health System Evaluation With In Game Video

Whether or not you've got never slapped a fitness tracker - http://En.Wiktionary.org/wiki/fitness%20tracker in your wrist or you're the guy who bangs out 10,000 steps before 10 a.m., we have some excellent news about the latest in wearable tech. Basically a reincarnation of the former Pressure" line, the Fitbit Charge has retained the same design of its a lot-adored predecessor. Considerably of a health band/good watch hybrid, Surge will provide all of the fitness, diet and sleeping capabilities the Cost and Cost HR has to offer, however it can also bump up the ante with superior exercise choices.

Going to a private coach could be fairly costly but downloading an software for track training on your mobile phone does not should be. Your fitness is vital and retaining on high of it may possibly enable tire to oil - http://uasdan.com/user/JamikaGuillen/ you to to continue on along with your health goals. Since progressing with a health routine is all about doing greater than you've got finished earlier than, this can be helpful to ensure you are moving in the appropriate course.

Strikes ( iOS / Android ) was one of the first apps to permit smartphones to trace steps ( it was purchased by Fb in 2014 ). Although the app works with older smartphones, its reliance on GPS circuitry to offer location info requires a major amount of battery energy. The Mio Fuse and Adidas miCoach Fit Smart , every that includes Mio's optical sensor expertise, are amongst the most accurate wrist units that measure coronary heart price. While the Fuse does rely steps, neither beats out the Cost HR as a result of the center rate monitoring of the Fuse and miCoach Match Smart solely works throughout train.

While Fitbit is one of the main names within the tracking trade, many people still have a detrimental perception of the brand due to their previous (voluntary) recall of the Fitbit Drive This recall was because of skin irritations. Nike has an important app for runners, and their Nike+ Fuelband SE health tracker has a variety of fans.

Past sleep and train data coming from health trackers, doctors can finally incorporate units that measure glucose, blood strain, respiratory charges and blood-oxygen levels. The gadgets communicate with the iPhone wirelessly or by way of the headphone or charging port. Gary Wilhelm, 51, who works at Hackensack on payroll and finance know-how, joined the hospital's app check after he suffered a coronary heart attack in October. Apps and trackers may in the end cut back patient visits, although there is a risk patients would observe self-care. This fitness gear has a 2.seventy five HP Continuous obligation motor that gives speed up to 12 mph and an inclination of 15 ranges. Apple Watch is the company's first main technological growth for the reason that iPad.

Whereas the Fitbit Pressure isn't perfect, it's still among the finest-designed and most totally featured fitness trackers currently accessible. You're taking a look at all the same features you have come to know and probably love from Fitbit merchandise: it counts steps, tracks the quality of your sleep, has a silent alarm and syncs wirelessly through tire to oil - http://www.la.fnst.org/?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=2842227 Bluetooth 4.0. The only question that is still is when precisely you can purchase your own. Not solely did I get a horrible rash from my Fitbit Power, I realized after I did that tons of of individuals had already reported these rashes. Withings has crafted an excellent piece of hardware which may really beat the Fitbit One at its own sport.

Survey respondents informed us they needed a wrist-worn tracker (seventy four p.c) with a display (52 percent) that accurately counts steps and distance (69 %), featuring a heart charge monitor (fifty two percent) and sleep tracking (46 p.c). So as to determine the perfect use instances for every tracker, find the very best tracker for most people, and confirm the findings of reviewers, we performed a number of rounds of testing. The importance of a wrist-mounted design can't be overstated relating to fitness trackers.

Strapped to my chest was a Wahoo TICKR coronary heart price monitor that connects to the Strava app on my telephone by way of bluetooth. I've additionally experimented with sleep monitoring through Sleep Cycle, and I've used Withings' sensible scale to maintain tabs on my weight and body fat. Of course, for individuals with severe health issues-from weight problems to high blood pressure-health and fitness monitoring has a way more rapid, practical enchantment. These numbers, nevertheless, solely partly explain the surge of interest from big tech companies in fitness tracking software and hardware. It may be dear to purchase sure health equipment in Overland Park on your train routine.

Buy American

The global economic crisis is on everyone's lips these days. Luckily, the US government is taking steps to address it and the new " buy online - http://mivsetut.org/tags/machine American" campaign is a big step in the right direction.

True, the crisis that has originated in the US drags the entire world down, but the essential part of the solution - a new wave of economic patriotism - makes perfect sense. Furthermore, the "Buy American" provision in the economic stimulus plans is the necessary guarantee of success.

Why is that, you may well ask? Because allowing people to choose means that they can, and often will, make the wrong choice. This is unfortunate at best of times, and certainly unacceptable in the time of crisis, when some dangerous freedoms need to be taken buy online - http://mivsetut.org/57618-is-it-legal-to-buy-ambien-online.html away so that the population may benefit from the strong leadership.

What about the rest of the world? We in Australia also enjoy the variants of the economic patriotism theme, so should we follow the lead and buy online - http://mivsetut.org/42983-buy-local-online.html Australian only?

At first I thought that a resounding YES is the only answer...

...but then I started thinking. Do all of the Australian states have the interests of us South Australians at heart? I don't think so. The eastern states in particular, with their booming economies in Sydney and Melbourne, are always looking down on us. "Buy Australian" can clearly be improved: "Buy South Australian" is the way to go, right?

Right! Except that South Australia includes a whole bunch of backwater communities, often with unfairly cheap labor, and investing any of our money on them simply makes no economic sense. We must end this constant drain on our resources, and focus on supporting OUR industry. This is the time when buying Adelaide-only seems buy like the only logical proposition.

Except for one thing: the snobbish southern and eastern suburbs of Adelaide do not care much for us living in Northern Adelaide. On the average they are better off than us, no doubt the result of exploiting our unwise, unrestricted spending. It is time to put a stop to that, and limit our purchases to the Salisbury Council area.

Yesterday we erected - http://ajt-ventures.com/?s=erected the stakes around our kraal and firmly shut the gates. True, things are a little dirty around here because we're running low on soap, but it's a small price to secure our economic recovery. Also, my kids worry me with their calls to make an exception and buy from buy online - http://open-flower-shop.ru/prakticheskaya-floristika-master-klass-delaem... the outside - they just do not see the big picture. They don't know what's good for them and how lucky they are that they do not get to decide. None of our money is to be wasted outside.

The buck stops here!


запах у маски не очень приятный- в баночке она пахла мне показалось мерзко. но на волосах после смытия оставался совершенно другой легкий аромат.

Основное свое предназначение шампунь выполняет просто отлично, новые волоски стали расти у лба и висков, а еще несколько на затылке. Результатом стимуляции роста я очень довольна, но на месте производителя, обещание об объеме я бы с этикетки убрала».

Поэтому очень важно регулярно очищать ее. Но сразу хочется отметить, что только одного умывания недостаточно. Чтобы глубоко очистить поры, необходима отличная маска для волос питательная - https://shampoosik.ru/articles/hair/john_masters_organics/ , способствующая ее очищению. Такие маски помогают не только эффективно очистить кожу, но одновременно и оказывают другое положительное воздействие, а именно сужение расширенных пор, увлажнение, нормализация деятельности сальных желез, питание и т.д.

При этом сам производитель говорит о содержании в составе шампуня для роста хитозана, витаминов, масла пшеничных зародышей, обещая бережное очищение. маска для волос луковая - https://shampoosik.ru/articles/hair/shu_uemura/obzor-maski-dlya-volos-sh... - https://shampoosik.ru/articles/hair/shu_uemura/obzor-maski-dlya-volos-sh... , Дополнительно предполагается питание, увлажнение и восстановление, а также снабжение локонов экстра-блеском и легким расчесыванием.

Смесь масел для ухода за ресницами: масло миндальное, масло виноградных косточек, касторовое масло, масло зародышей пшеницы, розовое масло, льняное масло. В домашних условиях можно приготовить смесь как из всех этих масел, так и из 2-3 масел на выбор. Масла берутся в равных пропорциях. Если розовое масло эфирное, то несколько капель.

Бета-каротин, который в избытке содержится в моркови, был признан хорошим оружием против раковых болезней. Исследования показывают, что у женщин, которые употребляют этот продукт хотя бы трижды в неделю, риск рака молочной железы снижается на 17 %. Немало, как для овоща, к которому ты так привык.

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Сдача учебного тестирования по 1С

Я работаю бухгалтером и постоянно повышаю свои квалификационные навыки на сайте 1С

Тест можно сдать по адресу: http://edu.1c.ru/

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Регистрация учетной записи юридического лица в ЕСИА

Как за (единый реестр российских программ для электронных вычислительных машин и баз данных):

1. Необходимо иметь квалифицированный сертификат электронной подписи юридического лица, выпущенный на руководителя организации (имеет право подписи без доверенности). Для этого нужно обратиться в аккредитованный удостоверяющий центр (стоимость 1200 рублей). 

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add-apt-repository ppa:alessandro-strada/ppa
apt-get update
apt-get install google-drive-ocamlfuse

sudo usermod -a -G fuse <user_name>
exec su -l $USER

vi /usr/bin/gdfuse


google-drive-ocamlfuse -label $1 $*
exit 0

chmod +x /usr/bin/gdfuse

mkdir ~/mnt/gdrive

mount /mnt/gdrive

vi /etc/fstab

gdfuse#default  /mnt/gdrive     fuse    allow_other,uid=1001,gid=1001     0       0

номер группи и узера

cat /etc/passwd


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